Trusts & Estates

Ensuring your wishes for your wealth and legacy are fulfilled.

Offering you the expertise and resources to administer your trust and help settle your affairs exactly as you direct. 

  • Services
    • Account administration
    • Gifts to charities and individuals
    • Discretionary distributions
    • Tax accounting and record keeping
    • Cash flow management and bill payment
  • Collaboratation
    • Attorneys
    • Accountants
    • Insurance agents
    • Healthcare professionals
    • Appraisers
  • Estate Settlement

    Provide a full range of estate services for our high net worth clients:

    • Executor
    • Co-executor
    • Agent for executor
  • Trust Administration
    We serve as trustee or co-trustee, agent for trustees, agent for individuals, and executor. We also work closely with your estate planning attorneys to ensure that your plan accurately reflects your personal wishes and intentions. 
    • Collection and valuation of all assets
    • Payment of debts, expenses, legacies, and taxes
    • Filing of all estate, gift, and income tax returns
    • Management of probate and non-probate assets during the settlement period
    • Distribution of assets according to instructions
    • Optimize the use of tax deductions and elections to ensure tax savings

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The New Hampshire
Trust Advantage


  • Take advantage of New Hampshire's robust trust laws and favorable tax climate
  • Benefits of New Hampshire’s laws are available to both residents and non-residents of New Hampshire

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