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Cambridge Trust has been vigilant in managing our clients’ investment portfolios, navigating sensibly through turbulence in the financial markets. Jennifer Pline, Executive Vice President & Head of Wealth Management, along with a panel of industry experts, moderates a discussion on some of the tax management strategies that we have been employing for our clients.

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Advanced Tax Management Strategies

Portfolio rebalancing, Location Investing, and New Hampshire Trusts are just some of the advanced tax management strategies we consider to reduce your tax exposure to help build and protect your wealth.


Checking in on Inflation

Much of the COVID era has focused on reviving and salvaging the deflated economy, but as we start to look further into the future, we need to also consider the risk that problematic levels of inflation may emerge.


Conference Call Recording

Jennifer Pline, CFA, Head of Wealth Management; David Lynch, CFA, Chief Investment Officer; and David Strachan, Director of Relationship Management, together with our equity, fixed income and economic experts, share their current thinking on COVID-19 impact on the economy and financial markets and more.


 For over 100 years, families and business owners have trusted us to help build and preserve their wealth for the goals and priorities that matter to them. Our investment and relationship management teams take a holistic approach to each client's financial life, which includes sophisticated and forward thinking investment expertise. 

- Jennifer Pline, EVP of Wealth Management


Wealth Management Team

Our wealth managers develop trusted relationships by gaining a thorough understanding of the important goals and values that matter most to each client.​

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New Hampshire Trust Advantage

New Hampshire offers some of the most favorable and flexible trust laws in the country, and our New Hampshire team can help you benefit.


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